Originally from Brazil, Rafa grew up in an environment where cuisine was predominant, a direct influence of his family roots in Italy. His grandmother was responsible for instilling in him a passion for cooking.

For over ten years, Rafa has been a tireless traveller and passionate chef, constantly seeking to learn from the best. Despite having abandoned his career as a veterinarian, he has explored the cuisines of South America and Europe, highlighting his special connection with Italy. In the end, however, Spain managed to conquer his culinary heart.



Jorge, originally from Madrid, has spent much of his professional career in Catalonia, making Barcelona his home for many years. Before meeting Rafa, Jorge played important roles in haute cuisine teams in both Madrid and La Rioja. From the outset, he has had a clear vision of his path in this demanding profession, for which he has prepared meticulously, collaborating with leading figures in the kitchen throughout his career.