“A return to our roots, a return to authenticity. Respect for high-quality ingredients. Every ingredient that comes through the doors at Sartoria Panatieri has been selected over hundreds of others that may seem equally good, but which are not. We analyze both product and producer, what they do and how they do it. We want to know whether they align with our standards for sustainability and quality. This explains our involvement in sausage- and cheese-making, which we sometimes do on our own, and sometimes in close partnership with artisanal producers.

Our tomatoes, our cheese, our herbs…, we want to know exactly who is behind the creation of each of our ingredients. Pizza is the maximum expression of our work as chefs, of our philosophy and the respect we have for our ingredients, and the time it has taken us to understand this timeless recipe and improve it. From the dough, which must ferment and rise, to each of the ingredients that go into it, including the oven itself and even the firewood we use”

Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre.


We prepare our pizzas in an artisan way, faithfully following the authentic tradition using a wood-fired oven. The dough, made with stone-ground local organic flour, undergoes a 72-hour fermentation process.

Our pizzas are made with fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients, prioritising proximity whenever possible. While some ingredients are sourced from the surrounding region, we occasionally opt for those that come from faraway places because of their uniqueness and the excellence demonstrated by their producers. This approach reflects our dedication to seeking product excellence above all else.

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At Sartoria Panatieri, we produce our cured meats in-house using pork from the Gascón breed of pig, currently a breed in recovery due to risk of extinction, from an organic farm in Lleida-Catalonia.

Our cured meats are made following the Italian tradition, using the same cuts of meat, but with a local “km 0” approach. We are proud to say that we do not use colourings, antioxidants or other chemicals in our process.In addition, all seasonings, such as seeds, dried herbs and spices, are of organic origin.

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We remain true to our roots. Pizza continues to be the ultimate manifestation of our endeavour. Coming from a background in haute cuisine, shaped by a highly competitive and perfectionist environment, we have come this far.No ingredient or dish, however modest it may seem, is without complex elaborations; each carries with it a centuries-old heritage and an infinite learning process in search of perfection.