La Sartoria

The return to the origin and the authentic. Respect for the product. Every product that arrives at Sartoria Panatieri has been selected from hundreds that may look the same but are not. We analyze products and producers, what they do and how they do it, and whether they align with our principles of sustainability and quality. That’s why we also get involved in some processes like sausage-making or cheese-making, sometimes on our own, sometimes with artisan producer friends.

Our tomatoes, our cheese, the herbs… we make sure to know who is behind the production of each ingredient. Pizza is the ultimate expression of our work as chefs, as a philosophy of respect for the product and the time it has taken us to understand and improve it. From the dough, which ferments and rises, to each of the ingredients that compose it, including the oven and the wood.

Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre.

Nuestras Pizzas

We prepare our pizzas in an artisanal way, faithfully following the authentic tradition using a wood-fired oven. The dough, made with locally sourced organic flour milled on stone, goes through a 72-hour fermentation process.

Our pizzas are composed of fresh, organic, and seasonal ingredients, prioritizing proximity whenever possible. Although some ingredients come from the surrounding region, we sometimes choose those that come from distant places due to their uniqueness and the excellence demonstrated by their producers. This approach reflects our dedication to seeking product excellence above all.

Sobre nosotros

Rafa Panatieri

Rafa, originally from Brazil, grew up in an environment where cooking predominated, a direct influence from his family roots in Italy. His grandmother was responsible for instilling in him a passion for cooking.

For over ten years, Rafa has been a tireless traveler and an avid cook, constantly seeking to learn from the best. Despite leaving his career as a veterinarian, he has explored the cuisines of South America and Europe, highlighting his special connection with Italy. However, in the end, Spain managed to conquer his culinary heart.

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Jorge Sastre

Jorge, originally from Madrid, has dedicated much of his professional career to Catalonia, establishing Barcelona as his home for many years. Before meeting Rafa, Jorge played significant roles in high-end culinary teams both in Madrid and La Rioja.

From the beginning, he had a clear vision of his path in this demanding profession, for which he has meticulously prepared, collaborating with prominent figures in the culinary world throughout his career.

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